Ingrid Andino and Hansel


*Highly recommend Rompin’ Rovers!!!!


My son’s girlfriend rescued a Papillon 2 years ago, but when they moved in together, he started acting aggressively every time my son would approach her, being an extremely possessive and territorial little guy. Since I live alone, I thought it would be a good idea to bring him home with me. Since then, twice I’ve had male workers come in for different reasons and he charged at their private areas. And he charged at one of my neighbors (male) when visiting.

See the pattern? He also demonstrated a bit of aggressiveness towards other dogs in the building. All this probably to history prior being rescued.

I started looking for places nearby that offered dog training, even though he was well trained, maybe there was an underlying trauma that might be corrected with training.

Finally found a place, called and Armando, the owner and dog trainer, offered to do a free evaluation. That free evaluation was around 2 hrs long! FREE!

That was 5 training sessions ago, and he is doing so much better. I did not expect for it to be a quick fix. As Armando mentioned we had to go back to basic training in order to tackle his aggressiveness.

I have been leaving him for training sessions and doggie daycare and I could not be more pleased. When I pick him up he’s so happy and so tired and the same time.

Armando, Emily and Chris and very welcoming and helpful, as well as very caring. You can tell they are dog lovers!

The fees are straight forward. Daycare pricing is very competitive. I want to be brutally honest, at the beginning I thought the training fee was a bit high, but I was desperate. Just a few weeks into his training, after seeing the improvement in such a short time, and how much Armando cares and all the extra time he puts in, totally worth it. He takes time out of his busy schedule to give you an update. And when you pick your fur baby up, he shows you what he worked on that day plus trains with you, so you can follow this at home.

The place is extremely clean considering the fact there are so many dogs there.

As I said before, I highly recommend this place. I have worked in different fields of customer service for many years, and having said that, I don’t recommend places lightly. They work with your baby, with you, to make sure you get what you paid for. Not only is the customer service outstanding, the way they care for your baby, it does make this place perfect for you and your baby! 


Nov 2018

Lynette Rushton and Bailey


 I absolutely "LOVE" everyone at Rompin Rovers. I have been taking my daughter there since February of this year. We started out with obedience training and I cannot say enough about Armando and his training skills and ability. And now my "Bailey" can play and socialize with all of the groups at daycare. When we are on the way in the mornings Bailey gets so excited, then when we pull up someone always comes out to great us it really makes you feel like you are leaving you beloved dag with family. They are true professionals and they really care about the dogs. KUDOS to, Nick, Emily, Chris and Kaitlyn!!!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!

April 2017



Jennie w  and  Rocko


 I've been taking my Pup Rocko here for a few years now to enjoy their Boarding. Chris has always been a very friendly and gracious host. Rompin Rovers is a great pet resort that my Boxer loves to visiting. They always take care of him and when he returns home he is worn out from all the fun play time he has. I would definitely recommend Rompin Rovers for your next getaway, it will be your pups very own vacation as well!

February 2017



Lenegal G & Jake


I used to take my dog Jake here. I have since moved to another area of FL, but these people are awesome people. They take good care of your pet. Your pet gets to, well, romp and bark and play during the day. They even bathe dogs here if you set up an appointment in the morning. Jake is an old guy and his romping days are pretty much over, but he loved to go here. He used to bark with happiness when we would turn the corner off of Ulmerton Road to Lake Ave. He knew where he was going. One woman posted that the dogs are forced to eliminate themselves inside. This is not a meadow or a back yard. It is a building. Anytime that I was ever there, the place was well kept and cleaned.

July 2016


Danny Perez & Wilson

 I have used Rompin' Rovers multiple times for boarding, daycare, and training. I have an Aussie puppy and the training he received was excellent! I have also boarded him a couple of times when I go out of town and Rompin' Rovers has been great! Definitely 5 stars and I would recommend them to anyone.


Daniel Perez

March 2015



Dawn Tranquilli-Rawley


 We have been to a few different boarding/daycares to find the right one. Our older dog Woola tends to get frightened and then we get called to pick her up because she is shaking so bad in the kennel. But we have been using Rompin Rovers for some time now and she does great here! I appreciate them working with her. They are also both tired when we pick them up after boarding/daycare so I know they get good play time!

March 2017



Karl Cieslak and Luke


The staff here is amazing. They take such great care of Luke our active lab mix. Chris the manager and his team are all serious dog lovers.

January 2017



Kathy Mulford & Maddie


My aussie, Maddie, loves Rompin' Rovers! The staff here is great...friendly, knowledgeable about dogs and genuinely loves the dogs that go there. When I first visited them I had lots of questions...my dog is like my child and besides having fun, I wanted to make sure she was going to be in a safe environment. The owner and manager set my mind at ease and answered all of my questions. This is also one of the few indoor day camps I was able to find. I also like that it is a smaller place. Many day camp facilities take in LOTS of dogs and the atmosphere seems overwhelming. Here they keep the play groups on the smaller side, which is less stressful for the dogs I believe. Maddie has made many furry (and human) friends here! She knows when it's "day camp day" and is always excited to go to Rompin' Rovers!

September 2016


Sheri Acker & Boomer


WOW!! My husband and I are so happy to have found a great place for Boomer. He comes to Doggie Daycare 2 days a week (Tues/Thurs) Each morning on the way in he is talking up a storm letting me know how excited he is to play with his friends, then when I pick him up he is ALL SMILES (and totally exhausted). But wait....There's more....We have used the boarding services as well. This is so convenient. Boomer is very comfortable in this environment and has his friends there as well. It just seems to be a Win/Win situation.

Nov 2015


Philip Gondeberg & Titan


 Titan loves Rompin' Rovers and we do too! He knows the days of the week we take him for daycare and he runs to the door ready to go. He literally tries to open the car door when we arrive. The staff is terrific with him and he has fun playing with his friends. We also use their boarding service when we travel and had very positive experiences. Highly Recommend!

Nov 2015


Mary Ann Polce & Obi


"Obi and I Love Rompin Rovers"


Sep/ 2014



Cindi Collins and Murphy


I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have you guys. I leave my precious Murphy there every morning on my way to work and I don't worry about him at all. My job keeps me fully occupied during the day and I'm comforted knowing I don't even need to consider whether he is well and happy. Sometimes he's so excited he can hardly wait to get out of the car when we arrive in the morning!!! I pick him up after a long day and know he is as completely worn out as I am. We share dinner together and we are both in bed! He just loves the friends he's made there and Chris and Nick are phenomenal with him!!!!
thanks so much for giving me such peace of mind that my beloved Murphy is having a great time all day long! Sometimes I'm jealous, I'd like to play all day!!
thanks again,



January 2015


Andy & Linda McCrary


"The girls really miss their fun times at your place. Thanks for all your attention and special care you all gave our dogs. We felt so comfortable leaving them under your care and that was after we had left them at 2 other nearby places. We really appreciate your professionalism regarding the canine world. "


Neal Casaubon and  Remington


 We have been sending our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Remington to Rompin' Rovers for almost a year for their doggy daycare and he loves it. As soon as I pull into the parking lot, Remington starts whining to get out of the car and go play with all of his friends. The entire staff is very courteous and serious dog lovers. I would highly recommend Rompin' Rovers for your dog.

March 2017



Kelly  Murphy and  Gaia


Very nice staff. My dog loves going in the morning and she is wiped out when I pick her up. Which is awesome!! :


January 2017



Nicole Oliveira & Tank


 I have taken my pitbull Tank here 1 time for boarding on July 4th weekend and 2 times for Day care and he just loves it. He is a friendly dog and loves all the play action. He even found a girlfriend Lola. The staff is really friendly and very good with the dogs. I am going on a 10 day trip and this is where my special little buddy will be going. I feel like he is safe and well taken care of when he is here. Home away from Home. Definitely recommend this place.

May 2016



Debbie Carder  & Callan


Dear Chris, Just a note to let you know how much Callan has enjoyed his first 2 weeks with you, Armando & Nick. His time at Rompin' Rovers has also given me more time for my work day and the time with Callan is now quality time.

As a seven months old Corgi, Callan has a lot of energy. My limited training time was fairly non-productive as it was difficult to keep his attention- all he wanted to do is play!. But now that he spends time with you, he has a outlet for his energy. And training has now become fun, and it is reassuring to know that your and my thoughts on training techniques are the same.

I am also loking forward to attending the basic obedience classes in a few weeks with your associate trainer, Theresa. Theresa made a house call last week to help with few behavioral issues that my husband and I were struggling with. In an hour she observed and diagnosed the problems and then gave suggestions with actual demonstrations as to how correct the behavior- and they work. 

Callan enjoys his time with you so much that he already recognizes the travel route and signs as we approach the building. He's a happy puppy and I am his happy owner.


Debbie Carder./ March 1, 2015

Kathy and Boomer


"Congratulations! You have just found one of the best to train and care for your dog. .. They reinforce what Boomer's learned and provide him with "safe and supervised" play and social interaction, both important to his development.....



Amy & Stella


"“I have been bringing Stella, my 2yr old French Mastiff, to Rompin’ Rovers Doggie Daycare for over a year and a half. I started out taking her 3 days a week, and then moved up to 4 days, and now she goes 5 days a week. I cannot say enough about how wonderful daycare has been for her!


March 2010


Linda May &Tanner


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rompin' Rovers! This is the best place for your furry friend to learn to socialize and expend all of that extra energy. Sara and Chris are absolutely wonderful with the dogs! They have such an understanding of their furry clients and are extremely caring and kind. The Board and Train is a wonderful added feature. It really made the difference to me to help turn my dog around....

Tanner and I couldn't be any more pleased than to have found this "home away from home". Please try it...your dog will thank you for it




Lynette Rushton and Bailey


 I absolutely "LOVE" everyone at Rompin Rovers. I have been taking my daughter there since February of this year. We started out with obedience training and I cannot say enough about Armando and his training skills and ability. And now my "Bailey" can play and socialize with all of the groups at daycare. When we are on the way in the mornings Bailey gets so excited, then when we pull up someone always comes out to great us it really makes you feel like you are leaving you beloved dag with family. They are true professionals and they really care about the dogs. KUDOS to, Nick, Emily, Chris and Kaitlyn!!!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!

April 2017



Shelley Linn & Cooper

Thanks for the great care you have given to Cooper. Since he arrived here a few months ago you have been so helpful and flexible with our difficult schedule so that Cooper gets consistent & excellent care.
 Rompin rover came highly recommended by several of my friends and they were absolutely correct. Your doggy day care & boarding facility gives the dog owner peace of mind for their pets care.
Thanks Chris, Nick , Adam -- Cooper is very happy in your care & I so appreciate all of you!😊
 March 2015



Daniel Schwartz and Preston


My Goldendooodle has thoroughly enjoyed attending day care at Rompin Rovers for over two yeasr now, approximatelly three days a week. The people who work at Rompin Rovers all care depply for the well being of my dog and every other dog that attends. I'd recommend Rompin Rovers to anyone and specially those who care for thier dog as much as I do.


Feb, 2015



Bill & Jackie Rennie


"My wife and I want to express our appreciation and thank you for all that you and your staff have done for Mia, our 1 year old Golden Doodle. Admittedly we were a little apprehensive in trusting our "special gift" to anyone outside of our home. After her first day in "Doggie Daycare", we became more relaxed and confident about her care. Mia responded excitedly afterwards about going "bye-bye school". Each time she has come home tired from playing with the other dogs, yet happy and ready to do it again. Through "Doggie Daycare" she has become more social and well behaved with other dogs and people...."