Double "U" Program

Ultimate Intensive - 3 Weeks Board & Train
During our signature Ultimate Intensive training program you will learn to control your dog in all situations through “The art of attention”.   Your dog will learn to sit, down, go to place, heel, wait and have consistent recall from short and long distance. It will learn not to jump, pull or nip, and it will learn to do so reliably on loose leash. 
The program consists of :
  • 3 weeks board and train
  • 2 private sessions at our training academy.
  • 2 private sessions at home
Commands included: Come- Sit -Down - Place - Heel - Break -Leave it-  Drop it - Look at Me - Off- Crate - Loose Leash walking.
​We developed this program  for those customers who want the peace of mind of having our training expertise on hand when needed to be sure that the initial training will last the lifetime of their dog.