Rompin' Rovers features unique indoor and outdoor playgrounds, that maximize a pup's experience.  We encourage safe play through positive reinforcement and behavior modification.

Group class in the indoor playground
Outside Playground 2
Outside Playgrund 5
Interior Playground 2
Chris & fans
Pool party for one
Indoor playground
Practicing "Stay" command

Rompin’ Rovers staff are committed to providing a safe, fun and secure daycare experience for each pup!  Each dog is individually screened for overall health, current immunization status, temperament and play-style, prior to socialization in our playgroups.

Our knowledgeable attendants establish play groups daily, by size, play-style, and energy level.  This, along with clear communication, helps shape activities to optimize fun, and eliminate stress.  While here, we will help your pup gain confidence, learn to play politely with other dogs and enhance positive behaviors, while having a blast!

We recognize that some pups may not easily integrate into a group play environment.  Dogs who exhibit behavioral challenges are referred to Armando Acosta Dog Training. Armando's multidimensional approach focuses on Motivation, Timing and Consistency.  He tailors training programs to each dog, his/her family, and their specific needs.

Daycare Fees


Questions? Please call us at 727-548-8300


  • 1 Day of Daycare - $26

  • 3 Day Pass - $70 (save $8)

  • 10 Day Pass - $200 (save $50)

  • 20 Day Pass - $385 (save $120)