Rompin Rovers offers dog boarding services with 24 hour supervision, in large boarding suites, or individual runs, with air conditioning. 

Boarding Area

Rompin' Rovers staff will shower your pup with love and attention while you are out of town. We offer full-service boarding 365 days of the year, including all weekends and holidays!

While staying with us, your dog may enjoy the following amenities:

  • Climate controlled rooms.

  • Daycare playground activities while boarding.

  • Double door security.

  • 24-hour monitored remote video camera system.

  • Lengthy play, potty and feeding visits with our caring staff daily for weekend and holiday boarders.

  • Extra large runs and/or private suites.

  • Board train and play camp.

After sending us your Registration Form, please follow-up with a phone call to confirm receipt of your registration and available space for your pet.

Boarding fees



(no weight limits)


  • 1 - 6 Days:  $40 per day

  • 7-14  Days:  $38 per day

  • 15-21 Days:  $35 per day

  • 21+  Days:  $33 per day